• Premium PU Leather
  • High Quality Stitching
  • Padded curved armrest
  • Curved Backrest
  • Seat Height Adjustable
  • Nylon Base
  • Rocking Mechanism
  • PU Leather Lumbar Pillow
  • PU Leather Headrest




  • Premium PU Leather
  • High Quality Stitching
  • 3D Adjustable Armrest
  • Full-Tilt Mechanism
  • Seat Height Adjustable
  • Metal Base
  • Reclining and Rocking Mechanism
  • PU Leather Adjustable Headrest
  • PU Leather Adjustable Lumbar Pillow
  • Built-in Lumbar Support

Kyros KING



  • Premium PU Leather
  • High Quality Stitching
  • 4D Adjustable Armrest
  • Multi-Tilt Mechanism
  • Seat Height Adjustable
  • Aluminium Base
  • Reclining and Rocking Mechanism
  • Class 4 Hydraulics
  • Rubber Wheels
  • Memory Foam Velour Headrest
  • Built-in Adjustable Lumbar Support

The Kyros Prince Gaming chair offers comfort bliss at a budget. The Prince features padded armrests, rocking mechanism, PU Leather and a nylon base. Complete with the ergonomic curved back for full support.

The Kyros Knight Gaming Chair features a greater volume of high quality foam for even more cushioning and support. The Knight features a 3D armrest, reclining feature, PU headrest and lumbar support in addition to the Prince’s features in a unique gamer design.

The Kyros King Gaming chair is the ultimate package with a memory foam velour headrest, 4D armrests for greater adjust-ability, and features an integrated adjustable lumbar support system. The King also comes with PU caster wheels and a class 4 hydraulic piston which enables smoother gliding, increased sturdiness and enhanced durability.

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