King Series

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Maximum Weight: 160kg



The Kyros King Series is our most luxurious chair suited for office or gaming and includes:

  • Built-in adjustable lumbar
  • Natural curve backrest
  • Velour memory foam headrest pillow
  • Reclining feature up to 160 degrees
  • Adjustable 4D armrests
  • Five-star aluminium base
  • Large PU-Wheels
  • Multi-tilt mechanism
  • Height adjustment
  • Rocking feature
  • Class 4 hydraulics
  • 1-year local warranty at our warehouse in Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa
  • Weight limit: 160kgs
  • *Please check the dimensions below to see if your frame fits the chair, your legs should not be completely on the edges of the base.



The Champions Edition is an exclusive chair brought to you by Kyros. Crafted with inspiration from the Springboks winning the 2019 Rugby World Cup. We could have not been happier with their performance and are super proud of them! Located on the back of the chair, the Webb Ellis Cup has been stitched with high-quality embroidery which is perfected to every millimetre.



The best of the best, a seat for a King. The adjustable lumbar is adapted to perfectly support and fit the back with the curvature of the back mimicking the curvature of a human spine. The King Series has a base that is suited for people who prefer to cross their legs sometime as the sides are flatter compared to other Gaming Chairs. All Kyros chairs have a full metal frame which means higher durability over time.

  • Natural curvature of back
  • Improved moulded foam
  • Subtle but aesthetic design
  • Flat Base
  • Carbon Fibre Accents
  • Full Metal Frame



The mechanism in the Kyros King Series allows you to rock in your position as well as be able to lock in a position that you desire. The chair is also adjustable by height, meaning it can go higher or lower to the desired height of the user for good posture.



Only the finest quality PU Leather is used for Kyros chairs. Durable and ready to endure the worst. Our PU-Leather is built to last and is easy to clean from any liquid spills and dirt. It can withstand high temperatures without flaking, burning and any physical change.



Strong, steady and sleek, our five star HD Aluminium Base ensures high load support and high durability. Large PU-Wheels ensure smooth and silent glide without scratching any hard floor surface while being strong enough to overcome carpeted floors.



The King Series includes a Velour Memory Foam Headrest. The headrest has an elastic strap that makes it easily adjustable to reach the part of your neck you want supported. Made with Memory Foam makes it the most comfortable Headrest that conforms to the natural shape of your neck and lets your head sink in and relax. The Headrest is made with Velour a high end soft feel material used like in luxurious vehicles.



Adjustable reclining feature up to 160° for added comfort and leisure. Lay back, rest and relax.



The King Series has a built-in adjustable Lumbar Support, which means you could adjust the position/stiffness of the lower back region of the chair to suit the perfect position of your lumbar.



4-Dimensional armrests provide adjustments for an ergonomic gaming or work session that can support your arms in any position you desire. Padded with PU-Leather gives the armrest a soft touch for added comfort of your arms.

Additional information

Weight 25.6 kg
Dimensions N/A

Black, Limited – Champion

Max Weight


10 reviews for King Series

  1. Oliver Tim

    Wow!!!! I am amazed how great this gaming chair is! the memory foam velour headrest is so comfortable and the adjustable lumbar takes back pain away.
    The leather is super soft and the chair has such good quality parts like the aluminum base and 4 way adjustable armrest. I would definitely recommend this chair.

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  2. Caitlyn

    Good chair, worth it compared to the other companies out there.

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    Image #3 from Caitlyn
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  3. Jimmy

    I like the pillow, it sinks in your neck.

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  4. Nico Labuschagne (verified owner)

    I bought this chair online, about 6 weeks ago. I received it at my door 2 days later. This after I cancelled my order with another popular online store that could not deliver my order after 3 weeks of promises!

    I work from home and spend at least 9 hours a day with my bum in my Kyros King chair.

    This is by a long shot the best buy I have made in a very long time. After spending 6 weeks in this chair, I can honestly say that this is the best chair (for my build and weight, anyway) that I have ever sat in. The build quality is of the highest standard I have ever seen in a gaming chair. It is solid AF.

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  5. Warren Kennard (verified owner)

    The chair is great and I am super happy with it

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  6. Daniel (verified owner)

    Honestly such an amazing and advanced chair, keeps me fully upright when playing games or just working. Perfect support for lower back and neck, super easy to assemble (did it by myself) I’m very happy!

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  7. Jose

    It looks amazing, appealing to the eye and has great stats but can it deliver what it says it is, the first things to go on chairs of this nature are the wheels, if you don’t have a sturdy solid design on the wheels which seems to be the Achilles Heel in most gaming and office chairs. PU leather, or polyurethane leather, is an artificial leather made of thermoplastic polymer, a full leather model should be available, it would be of course a little more expensive but worth it, also accessories should be available should you want to customize it with different wheel sets or arm rests, just a though but that’s my opinion. The chair is an all round good solid chair for the lighter side of people and the is well prices for what it is. This comment is based on the stats of the chair and has not been tested of course.

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  8. Dominic Joubert (verified owner)

    Beautiful chair – was slightly damaged from the way it was packed so there are some indentations in the foam around the backrest. Otherwise pleased with my purchase.

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  9. Renaldo H. (verified owner)

    Easy to assemble. Brilliant lumbar support.

    I sit 8-14 hours a day working from home. Previous chair was a pain in the butt. Should’ve bought a chair from Kyros ages ago.

    Would like a plain variant with less branding for offices too.

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  10. Gillian M. (verified owner)

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